littleBits Basic kit

littleBits Earth to Mommy Project

I have been really excited to try out littleBits, and I finally got the opportunity. If you’re unfamiliar with littleBits, check out this video: I especially enjoyed this video interview with founder Ayah Bdeir on Tech Crunch. I decided to start out with the littleBits Basic Kit, and as soon as I could and it 

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Rainbow Ice Sculptures

One of our favorite summer art and science experiments is making what we call Rainbow Ice Sculptures. This is a really easy project and appropriate for kids of all ages, but probably easiest with kids ages two and up. All you need is water, molds for making the ice, and food coloring or liquid water 

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DIY Watercolors

A great way to give kids a hands-on experience making art is to teach them how to source and even make their own supplies. DIY Watercolors are easy to make at home. The supply list is simple: Cornstarch Water Food coloring Containers for mixing paint Paint brushes Water cup